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Featured Artists

Alice Williams

Alice Williams

"I am here on this earth to create. Not only create, but  express the beauty I see around me. I feel responsible to render it. I  cannot help it. I see the beauty. I am compelled to show it, to  interpret what I see and how I see it; to express the warm light from a  lamp that enthralls me, the coziness and clutter of a room with all that  one person has accumulated over the years, the glint on the edge of a  cup, the distortion that only age can render on a rooftop that is now  that way because of centuries of wear and tear. What does it matter? It  matters not to many… But somehow it matters to me.

This  is what obsesses me, what I dwell on, what excites me, what I lay awake  thinking of, it’s what I find beautiful. Not the fact that something is  perfect, straight; but that it endures with personality and uniqueness.  Nature is much more expressive, random, unique, than anything man can  construct. The lines of a horse running her heart out, the repeating and  exquisite glint of the sun setting on the water, the colors of a room  warmed by the glow of a lamp or a fire, how sunlight touches and  enhances, the eyes of a cheetah, so steady and concentrated. And the  individuality: the difference age has made, how it has created the  crookedness of a European rooftop sagging with age. It interests me not  the perfection man has made, but the imperfections time and age have  wrought on the human touch. I am obsessed."

~ Alice Williams

Ben Greene

Ben Greene


In the medium of glass, I have discovered my real passion. I find glass to be physically demanding and tactile, yet also emotionally transformative. I enjoy striving to overcome the obstacles inherent in the physical process of firing and cooling this fragile and recalcitrant material—for so in doing I find myself exploring my own reactions to the natural word and to the lovely, primary forms found there. These days, as I mold, cast, and grind glass objects, I often find myself seeing the natural world as glass and through glass, and I am brought ever closer to an understanding of my own aesthetic responses. In my recent work, I have often used found objects, mainly of these naturally polished or uniquely shaped stones. I often join such natural objects, usually collected locally from streams and abandoned quarries, and national parks with cast and cold-worked glass pieces that are themselves shaped and polished in such a way as to aesthetically compliment or echo those naturally-occurring forms; in hopes not to compete with, but to synchronize with the natural aesthetic as an ode to something larger.

For me, nature is a neo-religious force that provides inspiration and creates awe and wonder. The natural world is my cathedral and, I believe, calls all of us to our higher selves. Moreover, nature provides many truths, both historical and eternal. It is also important to me that I continue to find ways to express the natural world with glass.

Olga Dorenko



Olga Dorenko was born in 1966 in Uzbekistan in the former Soviet  Union. As the daughter of a military official, Olga’s childhood was  spent moving around the vastly different regions of the Soviet Union.  Her family left Uzbekistan after seven years and moved to Sakhalin, in  the far east of Siberia, where they remained for five years before  relocating to eastern Ukraine. 

In Ukraine, Olga received a traditional Soviet education and then  attended the Krivoy Rog Art Institute where she studied for five years,  receiving many top honors during her studies. During her breaks from  school her family traveled throughout the Soviet Union. These trips  greatly impacted Olga. It was here that a deep passion for the  ever-changing landscape was kindled. Olga’s enthusiasm for seeking  beauty and inspiration in her surroundings evolved during this time, her  abiding love of nature is characterized in much of her art. Upon  graduation from the Krivoy Rog Art Institute, Olga worked for the  Russian National Theater as a poster and mural painter. However, when  the Soviet Union collapsed and her country was in turmoil, Olga was  forced to leave her homeland. 

In 1998, Olga arrived in North Carolina, where she has since  remained, becoming a proud American citizen in 2008, and fulfilling her  dream. In 2006, she opened her own gallery, the Olga Dorenko Fine Art  Gallery, and has become a successful and respected artist in the greater  Asheville area. Olga Dorenko Fine Art Studio opened in Autumn 2009 in  Leicester, several miles outside of Asheville, where she interprets the  surrounding mountains and valleys into highly detailed paintings and  vivid watercolors. Olga’s paintings have been described as powerful,  evocative, vibrant, and inspiring, and are often charged with a depth of  feeling, thus allowing the viewer access to her inner joy – truly  compelling for those who appreciate fine art. Olga has clients in twenty  states as well as in Germany, England, and Canada, many of whom have  followed her successes, becoming avid collectors of her work. 

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